Once you get past the snot, crying, and wondering why the heck they’re always sticky (ALWAYS!), children can be a wealth of knowledge!

They can enlighten you in ways most people pay out the nose for, and all you have to do is take a step back, and listen.

I never would have guessed only a few years ago that I would be working for myself, doing something I love, and running it all from my sofa…I also never would have guessed that it would be so damn hard sometimes!

The truth is though, it really doesn’t have to be! Pull a page from the book of a child, and suddenly things are a lot less complicated, and way more fun! 

RULE #1: Pick Your Wedgies!

We’ve all watched the kid at the park that just can’t seem to stop grabbing their ass and wondered “What the heck going on in there?”…my kid, is that kid!

She won’t hesitate to just yank her underwear outta there, no matter where she is or what she’s doing. If she’s “got the wedgies”, she’s getting rid of them one way or another!

LESSON LEARNED: If something’s not working, or making you uncomfortable, it’s wrong! Fix it now!

Don’t wait, don’t worry about who’s watching or wondering what it is you’re doing, just do what you have to do to make yourself and your business run the way that feels right!

Too many of us think we’re supposed to work in a way that doesn’t feel good to us, essentially walking around with our virtual underwear up our butts! Sometimes, you just have to ‘pick your wedgie’, not worry about what other people think, and move on in a way that’s comfortable for you!

You didn’t choose to walk the road less travelled to follow in other people’s footsteps, so remember that you’re the boss, and make your business run the way you always dreamed it would!

RULE #2: Go down the “big slide” first!

In my daughter’s eyes, every park has a “big slide”. One that’s regular, and one that is the superfast, terrifying, wind-in-your-hair new ride at the amusement park that you have to ride, just to say you did!

Everytime we go to a new park, she picks out the big slide, and runs there first. Why? Because if she doesn’t go there first, and slide down the big slide, she might run out of time and would never know how fast it is!

LESSON LEARNED: If something excites you, scares you, gives you butterflies…run towards it!

Don’t fill your time with busy work that just eats up your valuable time before you have a chance to tackle the “big slide”, or you’ll end up with regrets, and missed opportunities.

This is a biggie, not only when it comes to prioritizing your workload, but finding a healthy and happy work-life balance (which is what we as entrepreneurs are all after, amiright?!).

Focus on the things that are going to enrich your life, move your business forward, and provide you with experiences that thrill you, or you’ll end up wondering how fast that “big slide” really was!

RULE #3: Say No!

Of course, not every parent’s favorite word! Especially when you’re passing through the terrible two…three-fours (is that just my kid?), and “No” seems to be the only word they know.

My daughter very quickly developed opinions on certain things, and voices them on the regular! If she doesn’t want to do it, she’ll tell you! If she doesn’t like the way something’s happening, she’ll tell you! If she decides she’s had enough of something, she’ll tell you!

LESSON LEARNED: Speak up people! I for one have spent far too much time worrying about what other people think. Trying to please everyone, all the time…it can’t be done!

Stop wasting energy on people you don’t want to be involved with, things that aren’t making you happy, going to places that drain your energy, it’s not worth it! Learn to say “No” to the things that aren’t a good fit, and fill that time with your ideal situations, friends, clients, events…you get the idea!

As adults, we really and truly take ourselves too seriously.

We work too hard and we laugh too little.

There are a million and one life lessons we can take away just from watching a kid at the park for 15 minutes, but pulling from these three on a regular basis is enough to change your entire life!

Once I finally started listening, really watching and being open to what was going on around me, I was able to take these simple lessons from my 6-year old, and implement them in my life and business in a way that has saved me immeasurable stress, headaches, and countless glasses of wine!

So do yourself a favor today, and every day from now on…

Say no to the stuff you hate, pull your underwear outta your ass, and go tackle that big slide like it’s the last thing you’ll ever do!